About Us

The MORNINGWOOD dream...
As a small local company our dreams are BIG.

  • We want to give back to the community.
  • We want to build a bike and skate park in Washington State that is a destination for athletes from around the country.
  • We also want to start a foundation for at-risk youth and help get them further than they have ever dreamed.

To help us with our dreams; Don't go buying that stuff that gives you wings or the one named after scary things, buy MORNINGWOOD. And remember to dream BIG, sleep well and always wake up with a MORNINGWOOD Energy Drink.

Who are we? Well, we’re a small company with BIG dreams based in the Pacific Northwest where we don’t wait for the sun to start shining before we hit the ground running; because if we did, well, we’d never be running.

We began with a dream (literally) and have taken the bull by the horns to turn the dream into a reality. Our ‘About Us’ section should actually be named ‘About You’ because that’s what we’re about. YOU. Morningwood is a drink created by the people, for the people and if you don’t believe us; give it a shot (or 2…. or 3).